Monday, June 25, 2012

Defense Industry Shill: Give Lockheed Credit for Bin Laden Kill | Danger Room |

We should all get on our knees and thank the divine that we have the fat cat defense contractors and their cronies.Even though they are fleecing the tax payer for hard earned cash these arrogant and shameless thieves wants the US to give then credit for Bin Laden's assassination.Could they have possibly come up with anything more ridiculous and vain?
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Defense Industry Shill: Give Lockheed Credit for Bin Laden Kill | Danger Room |

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Supreme Court Backs Secret Service Agents In Dick Cheney Case : It's All Politics : NPR

Another un-American ruling by the judicial branch(who could imagine that they would be for the people since they are appointed stooges)giving the secret service more and more power to do as they will instead of holding their noses to the stone.When will these people ever realize that the more rights they take from the people and give to the government will be the demise of the very way of life in which all Americans know?Do these detached and diluted appointees not have any intellect at all?Can they not see that by backing questionable behavior of public servants the rights of one and all are diminished?Below is another win for the incompetent and unregulated sector of the US.
Supreme Court Backs Secret Service Agents In Dick Cheney Case : It's All Politics : NPR

What are we spending our money on?

The US economy is still struggling and the national debt grows ever more incredibly huge all the while the US is not taking firm measures to correct these troubles.At a time when the war on terror has become more of a mopping up of the remnants of terror groups the US military is tooling up for war as usual.The huge amounts of money spent on high tech weapons is more of a threat to national defense than any extremist group,by weakening the dollar and becoming indebted to foreign powers that do not share the same values and principles that the US "supposedly"holds.
Our youth are being turned away from science and discovery and war is being hard wired into their subconscious.NASA and it's funding have become just a moment in history and education takes a back seat to military ventures.The ever present eye in the sky is the government's main agenda along with unconventional black ops type warfare.
It seems as if the major learning centers of the US such as the famed MIT are right on board with this mentality due to the involvement of the nations top schools all being in a race to produce military grade electronics and robotics along with corporate ventures.
Is this the direction in which America really wants to go?As responsible adults can we allow the principles and values that have been taught throughout the history of the US to become clouded and diluted by the agendas of the corrupt and war mongering few?At what point did we become a country of no tolerance and preemptive strike?While our eyes are blinded to the criminality of the shadow wars Obama wages our way of life steadily declines along with the image of justice and freedom on the world stage.The paranoia and arrogance of the men at the top levels of government have the US screaming wildly down the tracks of self destruction and the majority of the citizens seem to be caught up in the blood lust.If history teaches the US citizen anything it is that"live by the sword,die by the sword"is this lesson so hard to see?
America it's time to stop the insanity and take a deep breath and remove the blood stained hands from the controls and let's get back to being the land of our fore fathers who were great heroes and liberators of the oppressed and down trodden.