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This Rock Could Spy on You for Decades | Danger Room |

The US military is just not satisfied with spying on Americans alone,so they are planting surveillance devices in other countries as well.This may make US citizens feel a little better by understanding that they are not the only ones that have absolutely no privacy from paranoid,prying, grandiose government agencies.Every human on the planet should voluntarily record and or report their entire life and thoughts to the CIA or NSA,after all they are so superior in intellect to everyone else.Human beings from every country should be so thankful that the corrupt powers here in the US are watching every move and have taken it upon themselves to police and control the lives of the species as a whole.How did mankind ever come this far without the CIA and NSA monitoring and controlling every day life?Even after the armed forces of the US invade countries,topple their government and put in place a new government that is totally controlled by the US,with the best intentions they are now placing audio,video and geo location devices along roadsides,in or around housing and who knows where else.The military says it can and will monitor the battle field for decades after pulling troops out and has been doing this since the 1960's
Somewhere within this policy there are some fundamental standards that are thrown out the window.This is but another move made by the corrupt corporate 1% to gain control and maintain control of  the US and every one else.
The logistics of this "post tense paranoia"is at best ridiculously absurd and will be a further drain on the already unbelievable deficit and solidify US resentment already on the rise.Of course the people of the US would much rather have the CIA and NSA or the entire Pentagon dumping billions into such moronic activities than to have NASA,Social Security,or any of the other truly worthy public programs that have been cut or shut down completely within the last decade.
This new program of long term monitoring has similar motives as the Closing of NASA.Huge sums of money can and are being made by private corporations due to such seemingly senseless policies.The shadow rulers of the US no doubt own stock in the companies that will manufacture the equipment needed for monitoring.As with the death of NASA private corporations have created a demand and income source.This is done by under the table bribes in Congress and special interest lobbying along with superpac funding.
In the halls of the US government there is a new,accepted but unspoken reality that should alarm the citizens of the US and shake their foundations.It has been declared that the 100 wealthiest Americans will determine not only Presidential but Congressional elections too.The result of guilt is paranoia so don't be too suprised if you stub your toe on a rock in your back yard and an antenna pops up out of the ground
This Rock Could Spy on You for Decades | Danger Room |

Obama Owns the Drone War

Drone strikes against terrorist suspects have been happening for a decade but where the last Presidential administration kept a distance from the controversial practice of drone assassinations the Obama administration and the President himself have embraced and are actively involved with drone strikes.President Obama receives a "kill list"and approves all regular drone strikes outside of Pakistan and strikes in sensitive areas within Pakistan.The CIA control the other less sensitive killing zones along the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan.
The drone assassination program has come under much criticism in the last 6 months due to the high level of innocent civilian deaths,and when confronted with the numbers of innocent deaths the Obama administration aggressively defends the practice.Many women and children have been killed along with men that may or may not be considered acting members of Al-Qaeda.Incredibly the Obama administration and the CIA conclude that any male that is within a certain age range and area are considered possible terrorists and subject to elimination by the US.The drone war has spread from Afghanistan and Pakistan to Yemen and Somalia and has escalated on all fronts.
The fact that a "kill list"actually exists and that just by being a certain age and living in a particular part of the world is a blemish upon the face of Americans.When men make such serious and broad decisions with such weak parameters in regard to the life of another,where do we draw the line and demand more accountability and oversight?These killings have created increased animosity and resolve within the countries that the attacks are taking place.Considering the comments Mr. Obama has made in regard to the Congress and Constitution along with his belief that Americans do not have the right to question the government and it's policies and practices,do US citizens have any say in how the government conducts itself on the world stage?Are the policies and actions taken by this administration and the CIA a mirror to the values and morals of the people of the US?The US government has decided to stay away from capture and trial of suspected individuals and jump right to sentencing and carrying out executions of people without careful investigation.Do you teach your children to behave in this manor?Does the US see the value of human life at different levels depending on geological location?How can Americans condemn terror groups and indiscriminate killing of innocent people when the US government has become the largest terror group the world has ever known?What would be the reaction of Americans if innocent family members returning from work or shopping were struck with a hellfire missile and literally blown into pieces? Regardless of the actions of other people should Americans drop the level of standards and values that are taught to our children from birth?
This new standard of preemptive strike brings the face value of every American to an all time low in the eyes of the world and sends a message not only to the world but also to the youth of America.The children of the US are growing up seeing the value of human life is determined by location and political belief.Also that hypocrisy is acceptable when pertaining to the US and it's foreign policies.Is this the message Americans want to send to the world and the children?Anything is except able when it comes to financial gain and war has become the new American ethic. How long will it be before the drones are unleashed on American soil against people who have immigrated to the US or that have parents or grandparents that came from these areas?Mr Obama has paved the way to a world wide reputation of murderous and indifferent to innocent people as long as the enemies of America are killed.
The terror attack on September 11th 2001 were apparently more successful than Al-Qaeda could have imagined,and the people of the US have already lost the war on terror considering the motives and goals of terrorists. Terrorism is intended to create fear and hate along with undermining the social and economic stability of the targeted country.Terrorist groups are opposed to freedom and civil liberty and are not tolerant of any who are not aligned with their specific set of beliefs whether religious or political.If Americans look at the current immoral standards and policies set by a governing body that has removed the majority of Constitutional rights and has deemed citizen approval is not relevant or needed in regard to governing policies and actions,can it be said that the government of the US is any different than the enemy?These FACTS along with the irresponsible handling of tax dollars and the almost total corruption of elected officials and the extreme amount of corporate influence upon the laws that govern the lives of citizens is rightfully an embarrassment and failure of the people of the US.These are symptoms of laziness, cowardliness and complacency and in the future will be a reminder of the results of these failures.Every American is responsible for the state of this nation and should look hard into the mirror.
What do you believe in America?By what standards and of morals do you live?What did the men and women throughout America's history give their lives to defend?Did they die and their families suffer so that the 1% can enjoy unfathomable wealth while the poor starve in the streets?Did they die to protect an electoral system that has been exploited to only reflect the will of the most wealthy citizens?Did they pay the ultimate price to ensure that their children and grandchildren lose their inalienable rights and civil liberties and privacy as laid out by the Constitution?What do you believe in Mr Obama?By what values do you raise your children?Do you think they will learn by example or from words?Since the drone war belongs to you why don't you put your face and name down the sides of the drones and from now on make sure the media get it right.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Motivation and Mission of Political Parade

I am a writer, blogger, patriot, and activist/promoter of human rights and civil liberties of all people and cultures. I am at all times analyzing and researching issues that have an impact upon the lives and future of the people of this increasingly violent and corrupt world in which we live. I attempt to provide sources of propaganda free information and an investigative look into the events and issues that are muddled with deception and half-truths from the world's mainstream media outlets and the leaders of global power.

I feel that all people should have an objective view and the opportunity to build their own opinion from factual information, and I have complete confidence that the inherent good intent of 99% of mankind can and will come to the forefront of society if provided with the correct tools. This has already become more apparent by the many unified outcries of the people of many different lands, where oppression has existed as the norm throughout history.

As it has become easier for people to reach out and communicate and educate, the ability of corruption to keep its hold on society has started to weaken. This is why every day we see more and more bizarre behavior from the agencies and people within the governments of countries around the globe. The USA are an example of this "political panic" where, as public approval has reached historical lows, and in an attempt to retain unchallenged control, the "powers that be" are scrambling to limit civil liberties and remove the ability of the public to influence the policies and laws that are needed and provided by the Constitution.

In the years that are directly ahead of mankind there are many dangers hidden, and only through a unified, outraged and courageous demand for change will we gain control of our lives and destiny. This is the only way we can provide a future for our children that will be free of war and death. Again, thank you and hello to all.



Friday, May 18, 2012

'Reporter's Privilege' Under Fire From Obama Administration Amid Broader War On Leaks

Why is the Obama administration so aggressively trying to bully the press?What are the reasons behind the subpoenas and appeals from DOJ? The Obama administration needs to back off of their assault on the Constitution from every angle.Obama and his corrupt corporate cronies are beginning to walk on the razor's edge and appears they don't really care that the public opinion of their actions has begun to turn from alarm to anger.The NSA and CIA have become rogue entities that act above all oversight and quite literally "do whatever  the hell they want",and the American people should reign in these out of control criminals before they end up causing the needless harm of US citizens by way of terrorist reprisal or from underworld evil false flag attacks by the agencies themselves. They have self approved the rights to do whatever they want to do in the name of "Freedom".Give me a break this corrupt men with blood soaked hands have not a shred of descent American Patriotism within them.If they did they wouldn't be violating civil liberties and working above the law.
What is Barack Obama afraid will leak out? This is just another of Obama's less than honest and questionable moves. If the Pres has nothing to hide along with NSA and CIA why are they so worried? They are worried because they either want to do something that the people of the US will not approve of or they have already done something that the people will not approve of. Either way these acts can be seen as criminal and Obama and his "buddies"in the spy world should be investigated with extreme prejudice and if or when any illegal activity has been discovered should be punished to the fullest extent of the LAW.
The people of the US have suffered fools such as these for too many years.Too many sons,daughter,husbands and fathers have paid the ultimate price for the lies and dishonest activities of the corrupt criminals in Washington. This country does not belong to the idiotic elite that are attempting to take total control.They are not intellectual enough to lead anyway,this is all too evident for the citizens of this country.The economy is broken and quite possibly will not weather the storm of idiots in control.Foreign policy has turned from being the model of justice and good to the world's evil empire.This is not due to the people of the US it is due to the immoral and criminal ridiculous behavior of insane madmen allowed to infiltrate of government by greedy fat waisted career politicians who need to get a job and pull their weight instead of bleeding the people of the US.
Eric J Fleming
See the article below for the outrageous behavior of the people we elect and pay to defend and protect us.
'Reporter's Privilege' Under Fire From Obama Administration Amid Broader War On Leaks

Greed and the death of innovation

 The problems that effect the ability of mankind as a species to expand and grow are originated at the same source that attempts to covertly enslave mankind, The root of this and most other socio-economic and political disparities come from one unbelievably powerful group.Corporate America and their covertly placed agencies and personnel at the top levels of global governing. With very little research it is relatively easy to trace the path of copyright and intellectual property issues and one problem is the new trend of the "new money" entities using trademarks ,patents and copyrights in the same way the banks used loans before the economic downfall.Big business players are buying,selling,trading,bribing and squabbling over intellectual property and patents as if they were a solid material currency such as gold or platinum. Essentially as long as questionably motivated legislation provides laws on demand to the Corporate entities in power intellectual property and old patents are valuable tools in the masked war between the internet and electronic super powers such as yahoo,google apple and microsoft. Where patents and intellectual property that should have been Public are bought and sold by technology speculators that are employed by the major tech players.This is a powerful means of leverage that creates a means of royalty collection that adds up to huge sums of revenue to the ones that hold the right patents and copyrights.As many new systems such as smartphone os's and core operating elements of new appliances and services as well as tiny add-on improvements to software and systems all over the internet are developed the unavoidable need to use these patented and or copyrighted properties create an emerging new type of "tech mafia"behavior where companies like Apple and Google buy up patents and the rights to intellectual property to ensure that with every new trend or invention or program etc. they are guaranteed to have their hands in the pie and benefit from other people's innovation and ideas and essentially have created for themselves a base of income that is fire and forget.As long as they can squeeze their cut from other's work they have a dependable balance in which other less than moral projects can be financed and funded,such as the owning of entire political lobbyists squads.Such squads are employed by Google.Many of the companies that wear the mask of internet free of regulation actually are behind the legislation protecting intellectual property,(Google,Facebook,Microsoft,Yahoo and others). If you watch cspan it becomes very clear very early in the session that the vast majority of the members within the legislative branch are completely uneducated about personal computing not even having a base of knowledge or understanding that would help to make the decisions involved with creating educated information tech laws.The very thought of protecting intellectual property and copyright laws coming from the House or Senate is like the punch line of a political dirty joke. Again corporate America is creating revenue generating laws through the incredible influence they have over the US government. As with the financial crisis the greed and power of the 1% and their inability to foresee potential hazards in their agendas are creating destructive side affects on society that will damage the quality of life for the citizens of the Earth as a whole along with slow mankind's expansion of knowledge and tech innovation.Creating another controllable market where inevitably corporate America will eliminate any and all but the largest companies and be left having limited competition

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Thoughts on the "US double agent within Al-Qaeda"

If history has taught anything it is the ability of mankind to adapt to any situation.In looking to history for answers one would find that when trying to defeat an adversary that believes it's actions to be just and holy there is only two ways to achieve this victory, eradication or education.Where the US has in the past been a society of understanding and acceptance of all beliefs it has turned to preemptive oppression of religious belief.An intelligence agency led by cunning individuals would see the fundamental error in preemptive assaults on any adversary fighting in the name of their God unless said agency had the means and position to completely exterminate the belief out right(which the CIA does not have the ability to accomplish).So the correct and intelligent policy would be to infiltrate and inform when attacks are planned to take place.By exposing to the enemy that you have successfully infiltrated their ranks you close the doors to any opportunity to provide advanced warning of attack and cause that enemy to tighten it's own security.Also the knowledge of being infiltrated is seen as an insult which strengthens animosity and increases motivation for retaliation. The CIA may have fallen to the level of this type of uninformed type of action but it is doubtful.Although with the rogue drone war the CIA is conducting and the disregard for invading the borders of sovereign countries it is entirely possible that the most cunning agency on the planet has become the clumsiest intelligence agency on the planet. Corruption on the highest levels and less than righteous agendas and values present a situation where the most dedicated and educated are replaced by the easiest to be bribed and influenced by money and power. In retrospect this may be the case.Either way the fundamental problem is a blemish on the American citizen in the eyes of the world and the citizens should reign in rogue agencies and eliminate internal corruption with extreme prejudice.This would totally alter the foreign policies of he US by eliminating oppressing and occupying foreign countries simply due to protecting the interests of corporate power,also removing the US participation in foreign affairs in which the US has backed and supported revolutions and rebellions where entire governing systems were overturned. This is dirty business in which creates hatred and in the end attacks such as those on September 11th 2001. The super secretive bumbling fools that dabble in others business are not the ones that are put in danger but the innocent citizen.The US has been viewed as the beacon of democracy by the world so when the US is involved in issues where people are being killed and revolution and insurrection in other peoples countries the world thinks that it is the will of US citizens to back and support these wars and create this havoc in the lives of others.The result is attacking the citizens of the US.Ironically most US citizens have no idea what the corrupt and idiotic men in the top positions are doing because it is hidden from the public eye.In this there is a giant circle that actually falls in the laps of the public because of complacency and closed minded ignorance and diluted denial in thinking that the US is some how different and not susceptible to evil in the leadership. Which implies that if the US seeks peace and harmony and to end terrorist attacks then the men and policies that rule the land need to be replaced and kept closer oversight of.Severe punishment for any who would violate the Constitution should be doled out with extreme prejudice and any level of power or monetary corruption should be seen as capitol offenses because in the end millions end up dead due to the base corruption of government.The US thinking of ending terror by means of warfare is as intellectual as thinking you can end fish swimming in the sea."Live by the sword die by the sword"seems to be an old saying that no one seems to believe holds any truth.So,in conclusion,even if this questionable series of events is truthful it is still another ignorant show of corrupt unintelligent policy and lack of enlightened wisdom. It is for all Americans that have the intelligence and understanding of a small child a huge embarrassment and should be changed from the bottom to the top.How much more death shall we sow in this garden our children will one day tend? They will inherit the violence and bloodshed we have initiated by allowing base immoral corruption to run unchecked and unchallenged within the hallowed halls of the United States government.If you think that this is a misrepresentation of the facts simply research the involvement of the CIA and US in all of the coups that have happened around the world within the last 50 years.Also go to some sites where you can talk with people of other countries from around the world that have not been exposed to the propaganda that Americans are fed systematically from birth. An open mind and a hunger for truth will lead to realization that America no longer stands for Life Liberty and The Pursuit Of Happiness but for death,destruction and the lust for gold. The public is but a slave to the engine of corporate power,a needed parasite to the self entitled elite who play with human lives in a chess game on a global scale.
Eric J Fleming

BBC News - Al-Qaeda underwear bomber 'was US double agent'

The US releases this report in the shadow of the questionable statements and reports previously released.To have an insider intimate enough to be trusted with such high ranking mission within the enemy force would not only be an invaluable asset but an asset that would be kept secret and in place.Though this release is more thought out and refined the whole issue remains doubtful and flawed.To call your hand this early in the card game seems like a mistake the sneakiest slickest agency in the world would not make.It would have been as easily foiled by a simple phone call or other message and would have been seen as more tangible to have security alerted to the agent and apprehend him at the airport.This would have given more shock value to the world stage and presented a message of impossibility within the terror world along with keeping a valuable spy embedded in the terror world. To have such an agent in place is the Holy Grail of the spy agencies and to lose such an asset would be devastating.Such an agent infiltrated and trusted by the enemy could save countless lives over time.These facts remove the majority of merit in this series of events,but to the average person that never considers such things it would seem to be valid.It is possible that this type of bungle could happen but it would be just a bungle within the intelligence sector.
Eric J Fleming
See the BBC  report and with the point of view stated above make your own objective opinion.
BBC News - Al-Qaeda underwear bomber 'was US double agent'

Monday, May 7, 2012

CIA Thwarts New, More Sophisticated Underwear Bomber : The Two-Way : NPR

The CIA and White House has reported that the CIA has thwarted another "underwear bomb" plot. Allegedly the bomb was an al-Qaeda  airplane bomb but supposedly never posed a threat to the public.There have been several different reports from Washington and each statement sounds more absurd than the last.The last statement from Washington says that the President was told about the bomb in April,but the President and DHS announced that there were no new al-Qaeda threats against the US.The President has placed DHS and law enforcement agencies and emergency services on alert and told them to do what ever was necessary even though this alleged underwear bomb was never a threat and never even passed through airport security more less boarded a plane.
The absurdity of even reporting this scenario is beyond belief,and further enforces the world's view of the US government as corrupt liars and fools.Since the bomb never even headed toward any airport The CIA must be fielding prophets or fortune tellers to be making so many assumptions.Apparently the FBI is in possession of the"underwear"bomb doing a thorough study of the IED.If the CIA has become so efficient that they can disarm terrorist before they even decide on which plane they are planning to attack then why do we need so many new laws removing civil liberties in the name of the war on terror?What is the need of the NSA opening data gathering facilities across the US and the Congress passing laws that have removed every US citizens privacy?
This assumed plot to detonate an assumed bomb on an assumed plane that had not been decided on by al-Qaeda seems quite suspicious assuming there is even any merit to the whole ridiculous situation.Also why would Obama stand up and lie to the public and say there were no new Al-Qaeda threats against the US when it was stated that the President was told in April about the assumed attempt?Does the government feel that the citizens of the US shoud only know what they see fit to report?Or is the whole thing a lie(a really unplanned and juvenile lie at that)to boost Obama's campaign or get some higher approval of the corrupt and out of control CIA?Read the report from NPR below and come up with your own assumptions
Eric J Fleming
CIA Thwarts New, More Sophisticated Underwear Bomber : The Two-Way : NPR

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Libertarians Find Their Audience In 2012 Race : NPR

America is beginning to grow tired of the incompetence,partisan bickering and corruption of the elected officials and candidates of the "big two" and doors are opening for more options.This is the way things should have been all along but in the early part of the 1900's the "big two"passed legislation making it very difficult for other parties to enter candidates into the running.This legislation should be removed from the law books and marked as illegal,as it goes against any concept of democracy.In today's time it would seem absurd that the Dem and Repub parties could do this but this was done at a time when public knowledge was very low.There was no internet and the television was a new thing and few people owned one.The people of the US have been held hostage for too long by the corrupt career politicians and the powers that they answer to.By allowing SuperPacs and private campaign funding along with the large cash penalty for independent candidates the people of the US have been limited to either Dem/Repub cronies,extremely wealthy candidates,and corruptly backed and funded representatives of corporate power.Unfortunately none of these groups are very concerned with the will of the people but only with promoting the power that placed them in office.This is how we have arrived to the place in which we are now,economically broken,divided by race,religion,and wealth,civil liberties have all but disappeared,all privacy is gone,and we are at war with many countries and our allies are vanishing.This country cannot withstand the unqualified,corrupt,politically divided cronies of the Dems and Repubs much longer without total economic and social collapse.
The problems to be faced with other independent parties have not made themselves visible as of yet but the laws ,systems and equipment are already in place.For ten years the big two have been quietly building defense mechanisms to protect their rule of the land,and in response to public disapproval of both parties they have been rushing to secure their rule within the last year.At a time when the Congress has been seen as broken and nothing is getting completed due to partisan politics the only laws that are passed are laws that take away citizens rights and remove citizens power in influencing government.NDAA2012,HR347 and several other laws have mysteriously been rushed through almost unanimously and quietly,receiving no mainstream media attention even to the present when both laws are known and in dispute.It will remain to be seen if within the future the dominate powers will even release these powers if they are voted out.They have the means to legally and forcefully protect the positions due to laws that are in conflict with the Constitution.Americans are faced with dangerous times ahead and the majority of the threat is within the government that was meant to be for the people by the people.
This post is in view of the arise of independents in the Presidential race.
Eric J Fleming
See NPR article below
Libertarians Find Their Audience In 2012 Race : NPR

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

War on the horizon?

The US is quietly amassing the ultra formidable F-22 Raptors and upgraded F-15 Strike Eagles at bases in the Middle East.This force represents the most lethal air to air dog fight presence in the world.Is this a sign of impending air superiority intentions to clear the way for a land based invasion force?This comes after the U.S.S. Enterprise is pulled from the scrap yard and returned to service and sent to the Middle east.Are the powers that be setting the stage for an "incident"that will provide a reason to declare all-out war with Iran?It would not be the first time the US sacrificed a Naval vessel to open the door to war,which was the reasoning behind the Vietnam conflict. As well as the way Lincoln ignited hostilities leading the way to the Civil War. Considering the Naval power of the US and lack of hostile countries that possess the power to pose a viable threat, why would this antiquated air craft carrier be pulled from dry dock where it was slated to be dismantled and scrapped? If during the Enterprise's presence in the Gulf it comes under attack then the answer will be quite obvious and rather ridiculous.Maybe for the sake of the sailors aboard the vessel it is just an attempt to show overwhelming force in the area and to deter any further hostilities.
This is a mysterious move considering that tensions have begun to fall between Iran and the members of the UN due to reports and intelligence suggesting that Iran is not close to having the ability to produce a nuclear weapon of mass destruction.It is surprising that Obama is making this move after running defensive diplomatic stances at Israel earlier this year and trying to tame the Israeli war horse and prevent an Israeli preemptive strike. The events of the debate and lessened risk reports could possibly be just another "dog and pony"show to throw off the attention of the citizens of the US and other countries that oppose another war that the US cannot afford.Setting the stage for a false flag event where the US is wrongfully attacked in an attempt to win the support of the general public and the world,calling for grim and resolute response and another war.Time will tell and it would not surprise many people if the Enterprise were attacked and possibly sunk along with thousands of innocent navy men and women in the same questionable form as the attacks of Sept. 11th 2001. Surely the men that are in control of our government will not be that dense in thinking the people of this country will be fooled by such a predictable ploy.As stated,time will tell.

Congress Wants Broken Laser to Zap North Korea's Broken Missiles | Danger Room |

Congress Wants Broken Laser to Zap North Korea's Broken Missiles | Danger Room |
Events that seem as if children were the leaders in the decision making process are usually masking an agenda that desires to remain undisclosed.By representing actions and decisions as "dumb mistakes" or "misguided" subconsciously the danger and threat level is lowered by the human mind. This is one of a vast number of political tactics to bury something in the closet and if later re-emerges,can be defended by showing that the event or issue was reported publicly and upfront. Leaving even more confusion which ultimately creates doubt and second guessing.
In this situation it is most likely an attempt to create a money funnel for a private sector corporation that has strong ties to elected officials within the halls of government.The Korean missile issue is only a mask for a new defense contract.

Afghan Soldiers' Attacks On U.S. Troops Not Being Fully Reported, AP Finds : The Two-Way : NPR

Afghan Soldiers' Attacks On U.S. Troops Not Being Fully Reported, AP Finds : The Two-Way : NPR
Why is it so hard for people to be transparent and honest ? If you are doing your job and doing it to the best of your ability,why should there be things left out of reports ?Why are there distortions of the facts that are reported?We teach our children to be honest and never tell a lie,then they turn on the television or go online and every where you look is another case of lies and deception at the top levels of society.This seemingly implies to children that it is okay to be less than honest  and to have no level of trust within society.These problems with honesty tear down any brotherly bonds between Americans as a whole.More and more are Americans becoming divided and distrustful of one another,and this type of behavior stunts the growth of everything from the economy to interaction between foreign leaders and our elected officials.Dishonesty undermines every aspect of civilized life and should be taken more seriously in the US as it now has issues upon the world stage.
Back to the question why,now there can be only a limited number of reasons that people in leadership roles lie.Greed,fear due to lack of performance,fear from criminal behavior,inflated ego and so on are some reasons for this.Without doubt most if not all reasons for misinformation are serious and need to be investigate with extreme prejudice,yet most events are left locked hidden away,rewarding the dishonesty and questionable motives beyond.