Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Thoughts on the "US double agent within Al-Qaeda"

If history has taught anything it is the ability of mankind to adapt to any situation.In looking to history for answers one would find that when trying to defeat an adversary that believes it's actions to be just and holy there is only two ways to achieve this victory, eradication or education.Where the US has in the past been a society of understanding and acceptance of all beliefs it has turned to preemptive oppression of religious belief.An intelligence agency led by cunning individuals would see the fundamental error in preemptive assaults on any adversary fighting in the name of their God unless said agency had the means and position to completely exterminate the belief out right(which the CIA does not have the ability to accomplish).So the correct and intelligent policy would be to infiltrate and inform when attacks are planned to take place.By exposing to the enemy that you have successfully infiltrated their ranks you close the doors to any opportunity to provide advanced warning of attack and cause that enemy to tighten it's own security.Also the knowledge of being infiltrated is seen as an insult which strengthens animosity and increases motivation for retaliation. The CIA may have fallen to the level of this type of uninformed type of action but it is doubtful.Although with the rogue drone war the CIA is conducting and the disregard for invading the borders of sovereign countries it is entirely possible that the most cunning agency on the planet has become the clumsiest intelligence agency on the planet. Corruption on the highest levels and less than righteous agendas and values present a situation where the most dedicated and educated are replaced by the easiest to be bribed and influenced by money and power. In retrospect this may be the case.Either way the fundamental problem is a blemish on the American citizen in the eyes of the world and the citizens should reign in rogue agencies and eliminate internal corruption with extreme prejudice.This would totally alter the foreign policies of he US by eliminating oppressing and occupying foreign countries simply due to protecting the interests of corporate power,also removing the US participation in foreign affairs in which the US has backed and supported revolutions and rebellions where entire governing systems were overturned. This is dirty business in which creates hatred and in the end attacks such as those on September 11th 2001. The super secretive bumbling fools that dabble in others business are not the ones that are put in danger but the innocent citizen.The US has been viewed as the beacon of democracy by the world so when the US is involved in issues where people are being killed and revolution and insurrection in other peoples countries the world thinks that it is the will of US citizens to back and support these wars and create this havoc in the lives of others.The result is attacking the citizens of the US.Ironically most US citizens have no idea what the corrupt and idiotic men in the top positions are doing because it is hidden from the public eye.In this there is a giant circle that actually falls in the laps of the public because of complacency and closed minded ignorance and diluted denial in thinking that the US is some how different and not susceptible to evil in the leadership. Which implies that if the US seeks peace and harmony and to end terrorist attacks then the men and policies that rule the land need to be replaced and kept closer oversight of.Severe punishment for any who would violate the Constitution should be doled out with extreme prejudice and any level of power or monetary corruption should be seen as capitol offenses because in the end millions end up dead due to the base corruption of government.The US thinking of ending terror by means of warfare is as intellectual as thinking you can end fish swimming in the sea."Live by the sword die by the sword"seems to be an old saying that no one seems to believe holds any truth.So,in conclusion,even if this questionable series of events is truthful it is still another ignorant show of corrupt unintelligent policy and lack of enlightened wisdom. It is for all Americans that have the intelligence and understanding of a small child a huge embarrassment and should be changed from the bottom to the top.How much more death shall we sow in this garden our children will one day tend? They will inherit the violence and bloodshed we have initiated by allowing base immoral corruption to run unchecked and unchallenged within the hallowed halls of the United States government.If you think that this is a misrepresentation of the facts simply research the involvement of the CIA and US in all of the coups that have happened around the world within the last 50 years.Also go to some sites where you can talk with people of other countries from around the world that have not been exposed to the propaganda that Americans are fed systematically from birth. An open mind and a hunger for truth will lead to realization that America no longer stands for Life Liberty and The Pursuit Of Happiness but for death,destruction and the lust for gold. The public is but a slave to the engine of corporate power,a needed parasite to the self entitled elite who play with human lives in a chess game on a global scale.
Eric J Fleming

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