Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Motivation and Mission of Political Parade

I am a writer, blogger, patriot, and activist/promoter of human rights and civil liberties of all people and cultures. I am at all times analyzing and researching issues that have an impact upon the lives and future of the people of this increasingly violent and corrupt world in which we live. I attempt to provide sources of propaganda free information and an investigative look into the events and issues that are muddled with deception and half-truths from the world's mainstream media outlets and the leaders of global power.

I feel that all people should have an objective view and the opportunity to build their own opinion from factual information, and I have complete confidence that the inherent good intent of 99% of mankind can and will come to the forefront of society if provided with the correct tools. This has already become more apparent by the many unified outcries of the people of many different lands, where oppression has existed as the norm throughout history.

As it has become easier for people to reach out and communicate and educate, the ability of corruption to keep its hold on society has started to weaken. This is why every day we see more and more bizarre behavior from the agencies and people within the governments of countries around the globe. The USA are an example of this "political panic" where, as public approval has reached historical lows, and in an attempt to retain unchallenged control, the "powers that be" are scrambling to limit civil liberties and remove the ability of the public to influence the policies and laws that are needed and provided by the Constitution.

In the years that are directly ahead of mankind there are many dangers hidden, and only through a unified, outraged and courageous demand for change will we gain control of our lives and destiny. This is the only way we can provide a future for our children that will be free of war and death. Again, thank you and hello to all.

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