Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Obama Owns the Drone War

Drone strikes against terrorist suspects have been happening for a decade but where the last Presidential administration kept a distance from the controversial practice of drone assassinations the Obama administration and the President himself have embraced and are actively involved with drone strikes.President Obama receives a "kill list"and approves all regular drone strikes outside of Pakistan and strikes in sensitive areas within Pakistan.The CIA control the other less sensitive killing zones along the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan.
The drone assassination program has come under much criticism in the last 6 months due to the high level of innocent civilian deaths,and when confronted with the numbers of innocent deaths the Obama administration aggressively defends the practice.Many women and children have been killed along with men that may or may not be considered acting members of Al-Qaeda.Incredibly the Obama administration and the CIA conclude that any male that is within a certain age range and area are considered possible terrorists and subject to elimination by the US.The drone war has spread from Afghanistan and Pakistan to Yemen and Somalia and has escalated on all fronts.
The fact that a "kill list"actually exists and that just by being a certain age and living in a particular part of the world is a blemish upon the face of Americans.When men make such serious and broad decisions with such weak parameters in regard to the life of another,where do we draw the line and demand more accountability and oversight?These killings have created increased animosity and resolve within the countries that the attacks are taking place.Considering the comments Mr. Obama has made in regard to the Congress and Constitution along with his belief that Americans do not have the right to question the government and it's policies and practices,do US citizens have any say in how the government conducts itself on the world stage?Are the policies and actions taken by this administration and the CIA a mirror to the values and morals of the people of the US?The US government has decided to stay away from capture and trial of suspected individuals and jump right to sentencing and carrying out executions of people without careful investigation.Do you teach your children to behave in this manor?Does the US see the value of human life at different levels depending on geological location?How can Americans condemn terror groups and indiscriminate killing of innocent people when the US government has become the largest terror group the world has ever known?What would be the reaction of Americans if innocent family members returning from work or shopping were struck with a hellfire missile and literally blown into pieces? Regardless of the actions of other people should Americans drop the level of standards and values that are taught to our children from birth?
This new standard of preemptive strike brings the face value of every American to an all time low in the eyes of the world and sends a message not only to the world but also to the youth of America.The children of the US are growing up seeing the value of human life is determined by location and political belief.Also that hypocrisy is acceptable when pertaining to the US and it's foreign policies.Is this the message Americans want to send to the world and the children?Anything is except able when it comes to financial gain and war has become the new American ethic. How long will it be before the drones are unleashed on American soil against people who have immigrated to the US or that have parents or grandparents that came from these areas?Mr Obama has paved the way to a world wide reputation of murderous and indifferent to innocent people as long as the enemies of America are killed.
The terror attack on September 11th 2001 were apparently more successful than Al-Qaeda could have imagined,and the people of the US have already lost the war on terror considering the motives and goals of terrorists. Terrorism is intended to create fear and hate along with undermining the social and economic stability of the targeted country.Terrorist groups are opposed to freedom and civil liberty and are not tolerant of any who are not aligned with their specific set of beliefs whether religious or political.If Americans look at the current immoral standards and policies set by a governing body that has removed the majority of Constitutional rights and has deemed citizen approval is not relevant or needed in regard to governing policies and actions,can it be said that the government of the US is any different than the enemy?These FACTS along with the irresponsible handling of tax dollars and the almost total corruption of elected officials and the extreme amount of corporate influence upon the laws that govern the lives of citizens is rightfully an embarrassment and failure of the people of the US.These are symptoms of laziness, cowardliness and complacency and in the future will be a reminder of the results of these failures.Every American is responsible for the state of this nation and should look hard into the mirror.
What do you believe in America?By what standards and of morals do you live?What did the men and women throughout America's history give their lives to defend?Did they die and their families suffer so that the 1% can enjoy unfathomable wealth while the poor starve in the streets?Did they die to protect an electoral system that has been exploited to only reflect the will of the most wealthy citizens?Did they pay the ultimate price to ensure that their children and grandchildren lose their inalienable rights and civil liberties and privacy as laid out by the Constitution?What do you believe in Mr Obama?By what values do you raise your children?Do you think they will learn by example or from words?Since the drone war belongs to you why don't you put your face and name down the sides of the drones and from now on make sure the media get it right.

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