Wednesday, May 30, 2012

This Rock Could Spy on You for Decades | Danger Room |

The US military is just not satisfied with spying on Americans alone,so they are planting surveillance devices in other countries as well.This may make US citizens feel a little better by understanding that they are not the only ones that have absolutely no privacy from paranoid,prying, grandiose government agencies.Every human on the planet should voluntarily record and or report their entire life and thoughts to the CIA or NSA,after all they are so superior in intellect to everyone else.Human beings from every country should be so thankful that the corrupt powers here in the US are watching every move and have taken it upon themselves to police and control the lives of the species as a whole.How did mankind ever come this far without the CIA and NSA monitoring and controlling every day life?Even after the armed forces of the US invade countries,topple their government and put in place a new government that is totally controlled by the US,with the best intentions they are now placing audio,video and geo location devices along roadsides,in or around housing and who knows where else.The military says it can and will monitor the battle field for decades after pulling troops out and has been doing this since the 1960's
Somewhere within this policy there are some fundamental standards that are thrown out the window.This is but another move made by the corrupt corporate 1% to gain control and maintain control of  the US and every one else.
The logistics of this "post tense paranoia"is at best ridiculously absurd and will be a further drain on the already unbelievable deficit and solidify US resentment already on the rise.Of course the people of the US would much rather have the CIA and NSA or the entire Pentagon dumping billions into such moronic activities than to have NASA,Social Security,or any of the other truly worthy public programs that have been cut or shut down completely within the last decade.
This new program of long term monitoring has similar motives as the Closing of NASA.Huge sums of money can and are being made by private corporations due to such seemingly senseless policies.The shadow rulers of the US no doubt own stock in the companies that will manufacture the equipment needed for monitoring.As with the death of NASA private corporations have created a demand and income source.This is done by under the table bribes in Congress and special interest lobbying along with superpac funding.
In the halls of the US government there is a new,accepted but unspoken reality that should alarm the citizens of the US and shake their foundations.It has been declared that the 100 wealthiest Americans will determine not only Presidential but Congressional elections too.The result of guilt is paranoia so don't be too suprised if you stub your toe on a rock in your back yard and an antenna pops up out of the ground
This Rock Could Spy on You for Decades | Danger Room |

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